Potential Install Problems, And Solutions

1. Help file won’t appear in the 64-bit version of Windows Vista/7

a. Check your system32 directory to see if it has a copy of the hhctrl.ocx file in it. If not, you can download it here, and unzip the enclosed hhctrl.ocx file into your Windows\System32 folder. Do a virus check of the file to make sure it’s OK.

b. OpenĀ  Run from the Start Menu, then type the following and hit Enter:

“regsvr32 hhctrl.ocx”

That should fix the problem.

2. You get a pop-up window saying, “Cannot open the file: mk:@MSITStore:C:\Program File\Moagu”

It’s the same root problem as above, and the solution is the same.

3. The program crashes when opening/closing the help file, and an error message shows up citing the itircl.dll file.

One of your help-related DLL or OCX files may be unregistered or corrupted. Download the MJsDiag utility from this page, click on “MJ’s diagnostics”, and if it tell you that one of the help DLLs is unregistered, say yes to the option to register it. This is a good tip for any help-related issues.

Note: Registration doesn’t work with Windows Vista/7, thanks to the stupid security “enhancements”. But if you write down the name of the unregistered DLLs, you can do it manually. Open a command window (Start Menu => Run => cmd.exe), then type ” regsvr32.exe” followed by the name of the unregistered DLL(s), then hit enter.

4. Help file just won’t show up at all in any version of Vista

Try right-clicking on the executable file in the program directory, typically C:\Program Files\Moagu\moagu.exe, and choose “Run as Administrator”.

I hate Vista.

Thanks to Marc Blom for this tip.

5. Program runs in Vista, but no map is produced.

This may be an issue with Vista’s retarded file execution security. Right-click on the program, choose “Run As Administrator”, and see if that works. You may also need to set Moagu.exe to run in Administrator mode, and also the cgpsmapper.exe program. Right-click on the exe file in the program directory, choose the “Security” tab, and set the security permissions to allow the program to perform all functions.

Have a different problem? Please let me know.