Having Problems Installing Moagu Maps In MapSource/Basecamp?

Some people have reported problems with installing Moagu mapsets in MapSource/Basecamp using the most recent versions of Mapset Toolkit and cgpsmapper. Typically, this manifests as an error message saying, “Error PE11 preview map has to be less detailed than any img file…etc”. I’m working on figuring this out, but having problems since I can’t reproduce it on my system. However, using an older version of cgpsmapper and Mapset Toolkit just for installing mapsets seems to work-around the issue for now. Here’s how to do it:

1. Download this older version of cgpsmapper, and install it on your system in a different folder than the latest version of cgpsmapper (e.g. “C:\Program Files\cgpsmapperold”).

2. Download the older version of MapSet ToolKit, and unzip it into a different folder than any newer version of Mapset Toolkit.

3. When you run the older version of Mapset Toolkit, be sure to specify the older cgpsmapper compiler in the section at the lower right; e.g. for the directory in step 1, you’d select “C:\Program Files\cgpsmapperold\cgpsmapper.exe” as the version of cgpsmapper to use. You only need to do this once, it saves the location for future use.

4. When you install mapset, make sure that the “Blank overview maps” box is checked.

Should work fine, even with maps compiled with the newer (and faster) cgpsmapper compiler, as well as the mkgmap compiler. Watch this space for updates, and drop me a line if you’re still having problems.