Moagu updates only; for G-Raster updates, visit the G-Raster update page.

6/19/2012: Version 2.4

  • Fixed minor bug that doesn’t catch some incompatible files.

Windows XP:

Download Site 1 – Moagu

Windows Vista/7:

Download Site 1 – Moagu
(In Windows 7, ignore the popup that suggests the program may not have installed properly.)

4/19/2012: Version 2.3

  • Eliminated one of two pop-ups for the demo version.
  • Corrected price in remaining popup from $19.95 to correct value of $9.95.

(In Windows 7, ignore the popup that suggests the program may not have installed properly.)

12/28/2011: Version 2.2

  • Removed references and links to USGS Seamless Server, as that service is no longer functional.
  • Added new tutorial for USGS topographic maps to replace the one that used the Seamless Server as an example.
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Updated list of Garmin units compatible with BMap2MP utility.

1/1/2011: Version 2.1

  • Bug in compiler display options fixed
  • Default tile size in BMap2MP utility correctly set to 2000, and displayed properly
  • Tutorial Five added to help file; has additional info on using BMap2MP topo maps with newer Garmin models (Colorado/Oregon/Dakota/62/78/Montana)
  • Minor modifications to Tutorial Four
  • Fixed bug in topo map decollaring utility that caused crashes

7/24/2010: Version 2.0

Lots of big improvements listed below, but the one I really recommend you check out is a major improvement in the BMap2MP GUI that allows creation of higher-quality USGS topo maps with much faster draw times. I’ve created a sample topo map installer for MapSource/BaseCamp that you can download here to give you a taste of how good these maps can look in both MapSource/BaseCamp, and on your Garmin GPS. Included is the installer program, and a GPX waypoint located inside the map to make it easier to find in MapSource/BaseCamp. There’s also a new Tutorial Four in the help file that walks you through the process of converting a USGS topo map into Garmin-compatible format with the BMap2MP GUI. The new mkgmap compiler is set as the default map compiler; not only is it 20-30 times faster than the old cgpsmapper compiler, but it eliminates the cgpsmapper watermark on maps loaded into your unit.

Note: You still need to have the cgpsmapper compiler to be installed for a few functions, even if you don’t use it for map compiling. For full benefits, you should download and install the latest free version of the cgpsmapper compiler, available at the cgpsmapper website. If you’re using MapSet Toolkit to install maps in MapSource/BaseCamp, you’ll also need the latest version of that program to use with the latest version of of cgpsmapper; get it here. Note: If you’re having problems installing mapsets into MapSource/BaseCamp with the latest versions of cgpsmapper and MapSet Toolkit, see this page for more info.

  • mkgmap added as default compiler
  • Option to chose desired compiler, mkgmap or cgpsmapper
  • BMap2MP utility tweaked for good results with USGS topo maps
  • BMap2MP tiles moved to separate directory
  • Option to start BMap2MP utility automatically when program starts
  • Utilities added for cropping maps, de-collaring topo maps
  • Tiling removed as option for General maps in BMap2MP utility
  • GDAL library updated
  • GPSBabel updated to latest version
  • BMap2MP added to distribution
  • Lots of minor bug fixes and tweaks
  • Beeps to announce completion of map code generation, compilation
  • Now works with latest version of cgpsmapper, MapSet Toolkit
  • Added Index Colors Filter option to BMap2MP utility, fixed Single Filter Pixel 1 option
  • Added simplification, merging parameters for mkgmap compiler in BMap2MP utility
  • Memory handling improved
  • Fixed help file, contact links
  • Map sizes in demo version increased; large tile in Moagu, 1000 x 1000 pixels in BMap2MP
  • Help file revised and updated
  • Changed update policy to make it clear that updates will always be free for registered users.

10/26/2009: Version 1.4.1


  • Bug fixed in combine colors option
  • Helpfile tweaked

5/18/2009: Version 1.4.0

  • Option to set data levels for optimal display when Garmin is set for either statute or metric distance units; previously, best results were for statute units only
  • Directory names for tiles changed to reflect options for either metric or statute levels
  • Better check for when image size may be too large for Moagu to handle. Especially useful when you have a low map scale (e.g. 1:250K), and you try to create a map for a higher map scale (e.g. 1:24K), which will result in the map image being resized to dimensions that Moagu can’t handle. You’ll get a warning message, with the option to either abort and change image size or display levels, or go on; I’d recommend the former in most cases.
  • Tutorial One modified to reflect changes in the USGS Seamless Server options
  • Program should now handle installations in drives other than the C:-drive better
  • Help file revised and updated
  • Updated DLL file for image manipulation

4/15/2009: Version 1.3.2

  • Added support for new version of BMaP2MP.
  • The Help file is now invoked in a new way that should be more compatible with a wide variety of Windows installations.
  • You can now turn off and on the warning pop-ups that occur at various places (loading GeoTiff files, sending data to your GPS, checking the Combine Points options, etc.)
  • Fixed a minor bug in setting display levels
  • Help and Reset buttons are disabled during map processing; they didn’t work then, anyway.
  • The default tile size is now “Large”